Degree Programs

Degree Programs in Arts and Sciences and Engineering

See program descriptions for the specific degrees offered.

Arts and Sciences

Program Major Bachelors Combined Bachelors/Masters Masters Doctor of Philosophy
Africana Studies x
Anthropology x x4 x
Archaeology x
Astronomy and Astrophysics x
Behavioral Biology x
Biology x x7 x7 x
Biophysics x x12 x
Chemical Biology x
Chemistry x x4 x
Classics x x x4 x
Cognitive Science x x1,11 x
Comparative Thought and Literature x
Earth and Planetary Sciences x x
East Asian Studies x
Economics x x11 x
English x x3 x
Environmental Science x20
Environmental Studies x20
Film and Media x8
Film and Media Studies x
French x x11 x
German x x x4 x
History x x x2 x
History of Art x x6 x
History of Science x2 x
History of Science, Medicine and Technology x
Interdisciplinary Studies x
International Studies x x16
Italian x19 x11 x
Latin American Studies x
Mathematics x x x2 x
Medicine, Science and the Humanities x
Molecular and Cellular Biology x x7 x7
Natural Sciences Area x
Near Eastern Studies x x2 x
Neuroscience x x7
Philosophy x x11 x
Physics x10 x4 x
Political Science x x
Psychology x x11 x
Public Health Studies x x17
Romance Languages x
Sociology x x11 x
Spanish x19 x11 x
Writing Seminars x x


Program Major Bachelors Combined Bachelors/Masters Masters Doctor of Philosophy Doctorate (Professional)
Applied Mathematics and Statistics x10 x18 x1 x
Biomedical Engineering x x x1 x15
Bioengineering Innovation & Design x1,13
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering x x18 x1 x
Civil Engineering x x18 x1 x
Computer Engineering x
Computer Science x10 x18 x1 x
Electrical Engeering x x18 x1 x
Engineering x
Engineering Management x18 x1
Engineering Mechanics x
Environmental Engineering x x18
Financial Mathematics x14,18 x1,14
General Engineering x9
Geography and Environmental Engineering x18 x1 x
Materials Science and Engineering x x18 x1,5 x
Mechanical Engineering x x18 x1 x
Robotics x18 x1
Security Informatics x18 x

Notes on the Degrees


Students may complete requirements for a minor in Africana Studies, Anthropology, Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Bioethics, Civil Engineering, Classics, Computational Medicine, Computer Integrated Surgery, Computer Science, Earth and Planetary Sciences, Economics, Engineering for Sustainable Development, English, Entrepreneurship and Management, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Studies, Film and Media Studies, Financial Economics, French Cultural Studies, French Literature, German, Global Environmental Change and Sustainability, History, History of Art, History of Science and Technology, Islamic Studies, Italian, Jewish Studies, Latin American Studies, Linguistics, Marketing and Communications, Mathematics, Museum and Society, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Robotics, Russian, Social Policy, Space Science and Engineering, Spanish for the Professions, Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, and Women, Gender and Sexuality.

JHU Academic Programs

In addition to the full-time offerings of the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences and the Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins offers additional undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs through other academic divisions.

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