Marketing and Communications

The Marketing & Communications (M&C) program offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering and Peabody students a broad array of courses designed to equip them to lead in the marketing and communications fields, and complements major courses of study in departments across campus. Students who opt to declare the minor will choose between two tracks: the Marketing Management track and the Integrated Marketing Communications track. Courses are also open to students who choose not to declare the minor.

The Marketing Management track is geared towards students who wish to pursue a career in product or marketing management at a large-scale enterprise. This track emphasizes learning how to manage both the message and the financial impact of marketing campaigns, as well as how to manage a product line from development to launch.

The Integrated Marketing Communications track is designed for students who want to be more involved in the creative side of the marketing field, including areas such as advertising, public relations and social media. This track emphasizes forming marketing messages, and the production of creative content and deliverables for a variety of different industries.

See the Undergraduate tab above for specific requirements for the minor.

Marketing and Communications Minor Requirements

  • Three core courses
  • One foundational courses
  • Four upper-level courses in the desired track; one course must be at the 400-level.

Please note: Students must take at least three unique upper-level electives* for each minor they undertake within the CLE. 

          *as defined by the CLE

Core courses; all three required

EN.660.105Introduction to Business4
EN.660.203Financial Accounting3
EN.661.110Professional Writing and Communication3
or EN.661.111 Professional Writing and Communication for International Students

Foundational course for both tracks

EN.660.250Principles Of Marketing3

Upper-level electives; four courses required, at least one at 400-level

Please note that there are several new upper-level courses in development for the tracks listed below. Check the website for any changes when the new courses have been activated.

Marketing Management Track

EN.661.380Business Analytics3
EN.660.352New Product Development3
EN.660.355Sports Marketing3
EN.660.358International Marketing3
EN.660.420Marketing Strategy3
EN.660.450Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication3
EN.660.453Social Media and Marketing3
EN.661.361Corporate Communications & P.R.3
EN.661.454Blogging and Digitial Copywriting3

Integrated Marketing Communications Track

EN.661.250Oral Presentations3
or EN.661.251 Oral Presentations for International Students
EN.661.370Visual Rhetoric3
EN.660.310Case Studies in Business Ethics3
EN.660.357Copywriting and Creative Strategy3
EN.660.450Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication3
EN.660.453Social Media and Marketing3
EN.661.301Writing for the Law3
EN.661.306Special Topics in Professional Writing: Freelance Travel Writing3
EN.661.315Culture of the Engineering Profession3
EN.661.317Culture of the Medical Profession3
EN.661.355Special Topics in Professional Writing: Blogging about Food and Culture3
EN.661.361Corporate Communications & P.R.3
EN.661.454Blogging and Digitial Copywriting3

Course and Grade Rules and Limitations

The Marketing and Communications minor requires 25 credits for the Marketing Management track and 28 credits for the Integrated Marketing Communications track.

A maximum of 6 credits of courses taken from outside WSE and KSAS (including transfer course & study abroad) may be applied to the M&C minor.

A maximum of three credits may be taken on an S/U basis.

All courses applied to the M&C minor must be completed with a grade of C- or above.



Pamela Sheff

Program Directors

Lawrence Aronhime
Senior Lecturer & Director of International Programs: accounting, finance, entrepreneurship, technology commercialization.

Annette Leps
Senior Lecturer & Director of the Accounting & Financial Management and Entrepreneurship & Management Programs: accounting, finance, management.

Julie Reiser
Senior Lecturer & Director of the Marketing & Communication Program: technical communication, oral presentations, research writing, dissertation writing, American literature and critical theory.

Eric Rice
Senior Lecturer & Director of the Professional Development Program: organizational behavior, social entrepreneurship, management, negotiation and conflict management, leadership, public speaking, professional writing.

Pamela Sheff
Senior Lecturer & Director of the Master of Science in Engineering Management Program: business and technical communication, marketing, public relations, science and scientific writing, oral presentations, higher education in prisons, community-based learning, entrepreneurship.

Full Time Faculty

Bob Graham
Lecturer: entrepreneurship, professional communication, oral presentations.

Illysa Izenberg
Lecturer: engineering management.

Leslie Kendrick
Senior Lecturer: marketing strategy, integrated marketing communications, sports marketing, international marketing, internships.

Charlotte O'Donnell
Lecturer: oral presentations, professional communication, visual rhetoric.

William Smedick
Senior Lecturer: leadership theory, leadership in teams.

Part Time Faculty

Michael Agronin
Lecturer: new product development.

Jennifer Bernstein
Lecturer: professional communication.

Alexander Cocron
Lecturer: management , technology consulting.

Mary Clare Coghlan
Lecturer: leadership.

Anne Colgan
Lecturer: ESL consulting.

Susan Conley
Lecturer: marketing.

Laura Davis
Lecturer: professional communication for ESL, oral presentations for ESL.

Kevin Dungey
Senior Lecturer: oral presentations.

Shelley Etzine
Lecturer: professional communication for ESL.

David Fisher
Lecturer: business law.

Tavish Forsyth
Lecturer: improv.

Mark Franceschini
Senior Lecturer: business law, business ethics, Internet law.

Sean Furlong
Lecturer: financial accounting.

Guido Galvez
Lecturer: business.

Herman Goodyear
Lecturer: project management.

Daniel Hake

Margaret Hart
Lecturer: communications.

Michael Hartwell
Lecturer: improv.

Jason Heiserman
Lecturer: oral presentations.

Christopher Jeffers
Lecturer: business law.

Andrew Kulanko
Senior Lecturer: oral presentations.

Andres Lares
Lecturer: sports negotiation.

Denise Link-Farajali
Lecturer: professional communication: financial math for ESL, research writting for ESL.

David Long
Lecturer: management, technology consulting.

Trevor Mackesey
Lecturer: communications, oral presentations.

David Mahoney
Lecturer: social media, marketing.

Lindsay Monti
Lecturer: business law.

Heather Parker
Lecturer: dissertation writing.

Marco Priolo
Lecturer: managerial finance.

Bryan Rakes
Lecturer: business law.

Joshua J. Reiter
Senior Lecturer: business process management, total quality management, information technology management, Internet-based business applications, creativity and innovation, entrepreneurship.

Tiffany Sanchez
Lecturer: leadership.

Douglas Sandhaus
Senior Lecturer: business law, business ethics, Internet law.

Adam Treiser
Lecturer: business analytics.

Caroline Wilkins
Lecturer: professional communication.