Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) answers the need to broaden graduate education as expressed in many recent academic articles. For example, The Commission on Pathways Through Graduate School noted in their final report that more than one-half of all doctoral degree holders in science, engineering or health fields work outside the academy. And while employers believe these graduates bring value, recent graduates lack skills and knowledge in areas like working on teams, entrepreneurship, communication, and project management.

The Professional Development Program is designed to address these needs. The program currently offers a series of some twenty, 7-week courses in topics such as writing business plans, managing people, writing winning proposals and improving presentations. Courses are open to all full time graduate students (masters, PhD and post-doctoral fellows) at Johns Hopkins. A small and growing number of masters degree programs in the Whiting school (only) accept a limited number of these courses as elective credits. Speak with your degree advisor to learn more.

For more information, including a current class schedule and a listing of all modules, visit:


Program Director

Eric Rice
Senior Lecturer & Director of Graduate Programs: organizational behavior, social entrepreneurship, management, negotiation and conflict management, leadership, public speaking, professional writing.

Full Time Faculty

Bob Graham
Lecturer: entrepreneurship, professional communications, oral presentations.

Illysa Izenberg
Lecturer: engineering management.

Annette Leps
Senior Lecturer & Director of Entrepreneurship & Management Program: accounting, finance, management.

Charlotte O'Donnell
Lecturer: oral presentations, professional communication, visual rhetoric

Julie Reiser
Senior Lecturer & Director of The Professional Communication Program: technical communication, oral presentations, research writing, dissertation writing, American literature and critical theory.

Pam Sheff
Senior Lecturer & Director of Center for Leadership Education and Master of Science in Engineering Management Program: business and technical communication, marketing, public relations, science and scientific writing, oral presentations, higher education in prisons, community-based learning, entrepreneurship.

William Smedick
Senior Lecturer: leadership theory, leadership in teams.

Part Time Faculty

Sascha Cocron
Lecturer: management, consulting.

Laura Davis
Lecturer: communications, ESL.

Kevin Dungey
Senior Lecturer: communications.

Len Foxwell
Lecturer: communications.

Mark Franceschini
Senior Lecturer: business ethics, internet law.

Guido Galvez
Lecturer: business law.

Herman Goodyear
Lecturer: project management.

Michael Hartwell
Lecturer: improvisation.

Chris Jeffers
Lecturer: business law, patent and IP law.

David Long
Lecturer: management, consulting.

Trevor Mackesey
Lecturer: communications.

Heather Parker
Lecturer: communications.

Joshua Reiter
Senior Lecturer: business process, quality management.