The Business Minor is a joint program offered by The Whiting School of Engineering, through the Center for Leadership and Education, the Carey Business School and the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, through the Center of Financial Economics, to Johns Hopkins undergraduates in the KSAS, WSE and Peabody Institute. The minor offers Johns Hopkins Arts & Sciences, Engineering, and Peabody students a focused, quantitative minor that will prepare them more effectively for careers in small companies, major corporations, and consultancies as well as acceptance into graduate programs in accountancy and business.

The primary objective for the minor is to help students position themselves as leaders among their peers in the private sector, government, the non-profit sector, and the world of social enterprises. At the conclusion of their program, successful students will be able to:

  • Enter a variety of careers such as finance, management, real estate, marketing, accounting and consulting.
  • Create, analyze, and implement value propositions about projects and products for the benefit of various audiences, from shareholders to local communities.
  • Establish and manage brands and products and also institutions and organizations.
  • Build, manage and grow valuable and lasting relationships with clients, customers, shareholders, creditors, and local communities.
  • Recognize, understand, capitalize on, and generate changing trends in local and global economies.
  • Be responsible business leaders who are engaged citizens of their communities, cities and countries.

The joint program plans to achieve its goal of training future leaders by offering an instructional program that combines critical analysis and theoretical grounding in a broad set of core and required courses, some depth through a relevant elective chosen from a list of courses in specialized topics, and hands-on experience through internships, community-based learning, and experiential programs.

Students pursuing a CLE minor who wish to add the Business Minor must take at least three unique courses in the Business Minor that may not be applied to any other CLE minor.

See the Undergraduate tab above for specific requirements for the minor. 

Business Minor Requirements

  • Two foundational courses
  • Five core courses
  • One elective

Students pursuing a CLE minor who wish to add the Business Minor must take at least three unique courses in the Business Minor that may not be applied to any other CLE minor.

Foundational Courses:

EN.661.380Business Analytics (*Statistics)3
EN.660.105Introduction to Business3-4
or AS.180.102 Elements of Microeconomics

*Students are encouraged to fulfill the Business Analytics requirement but will be allowed to substitute statistics course(s) by choosing one of the two options listed below. Students can substitute AP Statistics for Stat I but not Stat II 

**Students cannot substitute AP Economics for Microeconomics 

Option 1:

EN.553.111Statistical Analysis I4
or AS.230.205 Introduction to Social Statistics
or AS.280.345 Public Health Biostatistics
EN.553.112Statistical Analysis II4

Option 2:

EN.540.305Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Data for Chemical and Biomolecular Engineers3-4
or EN.553.211 Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences
or EN.553.310 Probability & Statistics
or EN.553.430 Introduction to Statistics
or EN.560.348 Probability & Statistics in Civil Engineering

Required Core Courses:

EN.660.203Financial Accounting3
EN.660.250Principles Of Marketing3
EN.660.200Principles of Finance3
EN.660.340Principles of Management3
EN.660.343Operations and Service Management3


As the Business Minor is under construction, electives are still being developed. Electives offered by the Center for Leadership Education and Economics Department are courses that have been previously offered in other programs; courses from Carey Business School will be decided upon at a later date. Stay up to date by visiting the Center for Leadership Education's website.

Course and Grade Rules and Limitations

The Business minor requires a minimum of 24 credits.
A maximum of 6 credits of courses taken from outside WSE and KSAS (including transfer course & study abroad) may be applied to the Business minor.
A maximum of 3 credits may be taken on an S/U basis, after freshman Fall semester.
All courses applied to the Business minor must be completed with a grade of C- or above.