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AS.020.306. Cell Biology. 4.0 Credits.

How the molecules of living systems are organized into organelles, cells, tissues, and organisms will be explored, as well as how the activities of all of these are orchestrated and regulated to produce “life”—a phenomenon greater than the sum of its parts. Considerable emphasis is placed on experimental approaches to answering these questions. Topics covered include biological membranes, cytoskeletal elements, cell locomotion, membrane and protein traffic, the nucleus, second messengers, signal transduction, cell growth, the cell cycle, the extracellular matrix, cell contacts and adhesion, intercellular communication, epithelial structure and function, and the cell biology of early development and organ function. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors only. Recommended Course Background: (AS.020.151 or AS.020.305) or equivalent knowledge of biomolecules or AS.020.303.
Prerequisites: Cell Biology restriction: students who have completed EN.540.307 may not enroll..
Instructor(s): E. Fisher; K. Tifft Oshinnaiye; Y. Kim
Area: Natural Sciences.