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AS.030.212. Honors Organic Chemistry II with Applications in Biological and Materials Chemistry. 4.0 Credits.

Second semester undergraduate organic chemistry from an advanced prospective with connections to modern biological and materials chemistry. The standard topics of second semester organic chemistry (e.g. reactivity of aromatic and carbonyl containing molecules) will be covered with an emphasis on reaction mechanism to facilitate learning about reactivity and enriched with modern examples. In addition, the important role that organic chemistry plays in modern biological (e.g. nucleic acids and proteins) and materials science (e.g. living polymerization and the use of organic chemistry to control macroscopic properties) will be covered. Students may not simultaneously enroll for AS.030.212 and AS.030.206. Prereq: Must receive a B or better in the first semester (AS.030.205).
Prerequisites: Must receive a B or better in the first semester (AS.030.205)
Instructor(s): M. Greenberg
Area: Natural Sciences.