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AS.370.030. Listening & Speaking.

Instructor(s): S. Lee.

AS.030.370. Physical Chemistry I with Biophysical Applications. 4.0 Credits.

Course provides working understanding of physical chemistry of the cell, emphasizing problem solving. Topics include classical and statistical thermodynamics, thermodynamics of proteins and nucleic acids, protein folding, calorimetry, ligand binding thermodynamics, linkage, cooperativity and anticooperativity, allosteric models, lattice statistics, helix-coil transition, and polymer theory. When appropriate, students visit the laboratory to set up data collection and learn to analyze the resulting data computationally, using nonlinear least-squares methods.
Prerequisites: Prereqs: ( AS.171.101 OR AS.171.103 OR AS.171.107 ) AND ( AS.171.102 OR AS.171.104 OR AS.171.108 ) AND ( AS.030.103 OR AS.030.102 ) AND ( AS.110.106 OR AS.110.108 ) AND ( AS.110.107 OR AS.110.109 )
Instructor(s): D. Barrick
Area: Natural Sciences.