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AS.110.202. Calculus III. 4.0 Credits.

Calculus of functions of more than one variable: partial derivatives, and applications; multiple integrals, line and surface integrals; Green's Theorem, Stokes' Theorem, and Gauss' Divergence Theorem.
Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in AS.110.107 OR AS.110.109 OR AS.110.113 OR AS.110.201 OR AS.110.212 OR AS.110.302, or a 5 or better on the AP BC exam.
Instructor(s): E. Riehl
Area: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.

Mathematics AS.110.201 Linear Algebra , AS.110.202 Calculus III , or AS.110.302...

Electrical and Computer Engineering

...Department. AS.110.109 Calculus II (For Physical Sciences and Engineering) , AS.110.202 Calculus...

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