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AS.110.212. Honors Linear Algebra. 4.0 Credits.

This course includes the material in AS.110.201 with some additional applications and theory. Recommended for mathematically able students majoring in physical science, engineering, or mathematics. AS.110.211-AS.110.212 used to be an integrated yearlong course, but now the two are independent courses and can be taken in either order. This course satisfies a requirement for the math major that the nonhonors version does not.
Prerequisites: Grade of B+ or better in AS.110.107 or AS.110.109 or AS.110.113 or AS.110.202, or AS.110.302, or a 5 on the AP BC exam.
Instructor(s): S. Vigogna
Area: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.


...the former 2; AS.110.212 Honors Linear Algebra and AS.110.211 Honors Multivariable...

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