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AS.110.401. Introduction to Abstract Algebra. 4.0 Credits.

An introduction to the basic notions of modern abstract algebra and can serve as as Introduction to Proofs (IP) course. This course is an introduction to group theory, with an emphasis on concrete examples, and especially on geometric symmetry groups. The course will introduce basic notions (groups, subgroups, homomorphisms, quotients) and prove foundational results (Lagrange's theorem, Cauchy's theorem, orbit-counting techniques, the classification of finite abelian groups). Examples to be discussed include permutation groups, dihedral groups, matrix groups, and finite rotation groups, culminating in the classification of the wallpaper groups. Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in 110.201 or 110.212 Area: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.
Prerequisites: Grade of C- or better in (AS.110.201 or AS.110.212)
Instructor(s): Staff
Area: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.


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