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...Engineering are as follows: Code...382 Persian 150 Philosophy 171...and Sexuality 220 Writing Seminars...

Philosophy AS.150.118 Introduction to Formal Logic , 150.223 Aesthetics, and AS.150.220...

AS.150.220. Introduction to Moral Philosophy. 3.0 Credits.

An introduction to moral philosophy through in-depth and critical reading of selected texts from the history of philosophy. The philosophers whose texts will be discussed include Plato, Aristotle, Kant and Nietzsche.
Instructor(s): H. Bok; L. Theunissen
Area: Humanities.

AS.220.150. Steal This Book. 3.0 Credits.

From Spike Lee to The Clash, art can wield immense influence on our worldview. This class will explore the intersection of social critique and American literature. Class texts will also include a range of pertinent films, documentaries, and popular music. We'll examine the social utility of art and how artists use their craft to make a statement. Classwork includes Blackboard posts on current events, weekly creative writing assignments, and a final portfolio of creative work.
Instructor(s): J. Takacs
Area: Humanities
Writing Intensive.