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AS.171.104. General Physics/Biology Majors II. 4.0 Credits.

This two-semester sequence is designed to present a standard calculus-based physics preparation tailored to students majoring in one of the biological sciences. Topics in electricity & magnetism, optics, and modern physics will be covered in this semester. Midterm exams for every section are given during the 8 AM section time! Accordingly, students registering for sections at times other than 8 AM must retain availability for 8 AM sections as needed. Recommended Course Background: C- or better in AS.171.101 or AS.171.103; Corequisite: AS.110.109, AS 173.112.
Instructor(s): N. Armitage
Area: Engineering, Natural Sciences.

External Credit Policies

...take AS.171.102 General Physics: Physical Science Major II or AS.171.104 General...