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AS.171.108. General Physics for Physical Science Majors (AL). 4.0 Credits.

This two-semester sequence in general physics is identical in subject matter to AS.171.101-AS.171.102, covering mechanics, heat, sound, electricity and magnetism, optics, and modern physics, but differs in instructional format. Rather than being presented via lectures and discussion sections, it is instead taught in an "active learning" style with most class time given to small group problem-solving guided by instructors. Priority in registration will be given to freshmen. Recommended Course Background: A grade of C- or better in either Physics I or the first semester of Engineering Mechanics ( AS.171.101 OR AS.171.103 OR AS.171.105 OR AS.171.107 OR EN.530.103 )
Prerequisites: Corequisite: ( AS.110.107 OR AS.110.109 OR AS.110.211 OR AS.110.113)
Instructor(s): D. Reich; P. Maksimovic
Area: Engineering, Natural Sciences.

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