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AS.171.201. Special Relativity/Waves. 4.0 Credits.

Course continues introductory physics sequence (begins with AS.171.105-AS.171.106). Special theory of relativity, forced and damped oscillators, Fourier analysis, wave equation, reflection and transmission, diffraction and interference, dispersion. Meets with AS.171.207.
Prerequisites: Corequisite: AS.110.202 OR AS.110.211;Students must have completed Lab Safety training prior to registering for this class.;( AS.171.106 OR AS.171.108 OR AS.171.102 OR AS.171.104 ) AND Calculus II ( AS.110.107 OR AS.110.109 OR AS.110.113 )
Instructor(s): N. Zakamska
Area: Engineering, Natural Sciences.