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AS.173.112. General Physics Laboratory II. 1.0 Credit.

Experiments are chosen from both physical and biological sciences and are designed to give students background in experimental techniques as well as to reinforce physical principles. Recommended Course Background: AS.173.111; Corequisite: AS.171.102 or AS.171.104 or AS.171.108
Prerequisites: Students must have completed Lab Safety training prior to registering for this class.;AS.171.101 OR AS.171.102 OR AS.171.104 OR AS.171.106 OR AS.171.108
Corequisites: AS.171.102
Instructor(s): C. Chien; J. Mumford
Area: Natural Sciences.

External Credit Policies

...Physics AS.171.101 & AS.171.102 (labs AS.173.111 & AS.173.112 waived...