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AS.180.101. Elements of Macroeconomics. 3.0 Credits.

An introduction to the economic system and economic analysis, with emphasis on total national income and output, employment, the price level and inflation, money, the government budget, the national debt, and interest rates. The role of public policy. Applications of economic analysis to government and personal decisions. Prerequisite: basic facility with graphs and algebra.
Instructor(s): R. Barbera
Area: Social and Behavioral Sciences.

International Studies the 100-level, AS.180.101 Elements of Macroeconomics - AS.180.102 Elements of...


...of Economics ( AS.180.101 and AS.180.102 ) as prerequisites. AS.180.301 Microeconomic...

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...Macroeconomics AS.180.101 * 5 3 Microeconomics AS.180.102 ** 5 3 Calculus AB AS...