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AS.180.401. Advanced Microeconomic Theory. 3.0 Credits.

This course covers roughly the same material as Microeconomic Theory 180.301 but in a more formal and mathematically rigorous way. You can use either 180.301 or 180.401 to satisfy the requirement for the economics major. 180.301 and 180.401 are offered during the same time slot, so the logistics of switching from 180.301 to 180.401 should be seamless, should you decide to make the switch. This course is suitable for those students who prefer a more formal treatment of economic theory and who are planning to take some of the more technically demanding electives in economics at a later stage. NOTE: you may not take both 180.301 and 180.401.
Prerequisites: You may not take both AS.180.401 and AS.180.301.;AS.180.102 and any two semesters of calculus (or equivalent)
Instructor(s): K. Quah
Area: Social and Behavioral Sciences.


...and AS.180.102 ) as prerequisites. AS.180.301 Microeconomic Theory (or AS.180.401...

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...for AS.180.301 Microeconomic Theory may not earn credit for AS.180.401 Advanced...