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AS.250.313. Molecular and Cellular System Biology. 4.0 Credits.

This course covers the principles of biological networks, with an emphasis on computational analysis. Networks ranging from simple biochemical pathways to genome-scale metabolic, regulatory, and signaling networks will be studied. Topics include dynamic modeling of biochemical pathways, steady-state analysis of cellular metabolic networks, inference of gene regulatory networks using –omics data, and systems biology approaches to studying signal transduction. Recommended Course Background: Calculus (AS.110.106 and AS.110.107), Biochemistry (AS.250.315 or AS.020.305 or equivalent). Computational Biology (AS.250.353) or Introduction to Bioinformatics (AS.250.265) or prior exposure to programming.
Instructor(s): E. Roberts.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

...AS.020.315 Biochemistry Laboratory or AS.250...Students take EN.540.313 Chemical and Biomolecular...