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AS.250.315. Biochemistry I. 4.0 Credits.

Foundation for advanced classes in Biophysics and other quantitative biological disciplines. Lecture and computer laboratory. This class is the first semester of a two semester course in biochemistry. Topics in Biochemistry I include chemical and physical properties of biomolecules and energetic principles of catabolic pathways. Computer labs include extensive use of molecular graphics and modelling of reaction kinetics and pathway flux. Co-listed with AS.030.315
Prerequisites: If you have completed AS.250.307 you may not register for AS.250.315.;Prerequisites: AS.030.206 OR AS.030.212
Instructor(s): P. Fleming
Area: Natural Sciences.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

...requirement is fulfilled with AS.020.315 Biochemistry Laboratory or AS.250.253 Protein Engineering...