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AS.250.320. Macromolecular Binding. 3.0 Credits.

All biological processes require the interactions of macromolecules with each other or with ligands that activate or inhibit their activities in a controlled manner. This course will discuss theoretical principles, logic, approaches and practical considerations used to study these binding processes from a quantitative perspective. Topics will include thermodynamics, single and multiple binding equilibria, linkage relationships, cooperativity, allostery, and macromolecular assembly. Some biophysical methods used in the study of binding reactions will be discussed. Computer simulation and analysis of binding curves will be used to analyze binding data, and binding schemes and examples from the scientific literature will be reviewed and discussed. Recommended Course Background: AS.250.372 Biophysical Chemistry
Prerequisites: AS.250.315 OR AS.020.305
Instructor(s): K. Fleming
Writing Intensive.