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AS.250.383. Molecular Biophysics Laboratory. 3.0 Credits.

An advanced inquiry based laboratory course covering experimental biophysical techniques to introduce fundamental physical principles governing the structure/function relationship of biological macromolecules. Students will investigate a “model protein”, staphylococcal nuclease, the “hydrogen atom” of biophysics. Using a vast library of variants, the effect of small changes in protein sequence will be explored. A variety of techniques will be used to probe the equilibrium thermodynamics and kinetics of this system; chromatography, spectroscopy (UV-Vis, fluorescence, circular dichroism, nuclear magnetic resonance), calorimetry, analytical centrifugation, X-ray crystallography and computational methods as needed for analysis. These methods coupled with perturbations to the molecular environment (ligands, co-solvents, and temperature) will help to elucidate protein function.
Prerequisites: Students must have completed Lab Safety training prior to registering for this class.;AS.250.372
Instructor(s): C. Fitch
Writing Intensive.

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