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AS.362.325. The Role of "Place" in Racial Ethnic Health Disparities. 3.0 Credits.

This course will introduce students to racial/ethnic health disparities, the need to examine the role of “place”, give different definitions of “place”, how the characteristics of where people live affects individual’s health, and how this leads to racial/ethnic health disparities. The course will first examine large-scale measures of place, then down to smaller scale measures. Students will discuss various theories generally associated with racial/ethnic health disparities, as well as, the extension of “place” theories to this topic. Students will apply this knowledge through various assignments and activities about racial/ethnic health disparities of interest. These activities include class discussions, group assignments and development of interventions and solution-focused policy recommendations. This course is being offered for sophomores, juniors and seniors who have completed a statistic course or who have received permission from the instuctor.
Prerequisites: Students may receive credit for AS.280.411 or AS.362.325, but not both.
Instructor(s): C. Bell
Area: Humanities.