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EN.540.310. Product Design Part 2. 2.0 Credits.

This course is one part of a two semester sequence that optionally can be taken instead of for This course is the second part of a two semester sequence (with EN.540.309) that optionally can be taken instead of EN.540.314 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Product Design. Students continue to work with their team on their product design project. Students report several times both orally and in writing on their accomplishments. The material covered is the same as in EN.540.314, but more time is allowed so that laboratory tests can be performed and/or prototypes can be made. Note that both courses, EN.540.309 and EN.540.310 must be taken to satisfy the Undergraduate degree requirement of the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering program. The two courses can be started in any term.
Prerequisites: Students must have completed Lab Safety training prior to registering for this class.;EN.540.309
Instructor(s): M. Donohue
Area: Engineering.

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