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EN.540.311. Projects in ChemE Unit Operations with Experiments. 6.0 Credits.

This course challenges students with laboratory projects that are not well-defined. Students work in groups to develop an effective approach to experiments. They identify the important operating variables, decide how best to obtain them using measured or calculated values. Based on their results they predict, carryout, analyze and improve experiments. Each student analyzes three of the following projects: distillation, gas absorption, and one of the projects in EN.540.313. In addition to technical objectives, this course stresses oral and written communication. Students will have additional meeting times with the instructors and some writing professors outside of class.
Prerequisites: Students must have completed Lab Safety training prior to registering for this class.;EN.540.301 AND EN.540.304 AND EN.540.306 AND EN.540.490 AND EN.661.315
Instructor(s): A. Goffin; L. Dahuron; M. Ostermeier; S. Gerecht
Area: Engineering
Writing Intensive.

Computational Medicine

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