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EN.553.111. Statistical Analysis I. 4.0 Credits.

First semester of a general survey of statistical methodology. Topics include descriptive statistics, introductory probability, conditional probability, random variables, expectation, sampling, the central limit theorem, classical and robust estimation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. Case studies from psychology, epidemiology, economics and other fields serve to illustrate the underlying theory. Some use of Minitab, Excel or R, but no prior computing experience is necessary. Recommended Course Background: four years of high school mathematics. Students who may wish to undertake more than two semesters of probability and statistics should consider EN.553.420-EN.553.430.
Prerequisites: Statistics Sequence restriction: students who have completed AS.230.205 or EN.550.113 may not enroll.;Statistics Sequence restriction: students who have completed any of these courses may not registrer: EN.553.211 OR EN.553.230 OR EN.553.310 OR EN.553.311 OR EN.553.420 OR EN.553.430 OR EN.560.435 OR EN.553.413 OR AS.280.345 OR AS.200.314 OR AS.200.315 OR EN.560.348
Instructor(s): D. Athreya; D. Naiman
Area: Engineering, Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.


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