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EN.553.211. Probability and Statistics for the Life Sciences. 4.0 Credits.

This is an introduction to statistics aimed at students in the life sciences. The course will provide the necessary background in probability with treatment of independence, Bayes theorem, discrete and continuous random variables and their distributions. The statistical topics covered will include sampling and sampling distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing for means, comparison of populations, analysis of variance, linear regression and correlation. Analysis of data will be done using Excel.
Prerequisites: AS.110.106 OR AS.110.108 OR AS.110.113;Statistics Sequence restriction: Students who have completed any of these courses may not register: EN.553.230 OR AS.280.345 OR AS.200.314 OR AS.200.315 OR EN.553.310 OR EN.553.311 OR EN.560.435 OR EN.553.420 OR EN.553.430 OR EN.560.348
Instructor(s): P. Athavale
Area: Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.

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