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EN.553.310. Probability & Statistics. 4.0 Credits.

An introduction to probability and statistics at the calculus level, intended for engineering and science students planning to take only one course on the topics. Combinatorial probability, independence, conditional probability, random variables, expectation and moments, limit theory, estimation, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, tests of means and variances, goodness-of-fit. Recommended co-requisite: multivariable calculus.
Prerequisites: ( AS.110.106 OR AS.110.108 ) AND ( AS.110.107 OR AS.110.109 ) OR AS.110.113;Statistics Sequence restriction: Students who have completed any of these courses may not register: EN.553.311 OR EN.560.435 OR EN.553.420 OR EN.553.430 OR EN.560.348
Corequisites: If you have enrolled or have completed EN.553.420 OR EN.553.430 you may not register for EN.553.310.
Instructor(s): C. Shen
Area: Engineering, Quantitative and Mathematical Sciences.

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