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EN.553.485. Introduction to Harmonic Analysis and Its Applications. 4.0 Credits.

The course is an introduction to methods in harmonic analysis, in particular Fourier series, Fourier integrals, and wavelets. These methods will be introduced rigorously, together with their motivations and applications to the analysis of basic partial differential equations and integral kernels, signal processing, inverse problems, and statistical/machine. Co-listed with EN.553.685 and AS.110.433
Prerequisites: (AS.110.201 OR AS.110.212 OR EN.550.291/EN.553.291) AND (AS.110.202 OR AS.110.211[) AND (AS.110.405 OR AS.110.415);Students may receive credit for only one of the following: AS.110.433, EN.553.485, or EN.553.685.
Instructor(s): M. Maggioni.