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EN.580.441. Cellular Engineering. 3.0 Credits.

This course focuses on principles and applications in cell engineering. Class lectures include an overview of molecular biology fundamentals, protein/ligand binding, receptor/ligand trafficking, cell-cell interactions, cell-matrix interactions, and cell adhesion and migration at both theoretical and experimental levels. Lectures will cover the effects of physical (e.g. shear stress, strain), chemical (e.g. cytokines, growth factors) and electrical stimuli on cell function, emphasizing topics on gene regulation and signal transduction processes. Furthermore, topics in metabolic engineering, enzyme evolution, polymeric biomaterials, and drug and gene delivery will be discussed. This course is intended as Part 1 of a two-semester sequence recommended for students in the Cell and Tissue Engineering focus area. Recommended Course Background: EN.580.221 or AS.020.305 and AS.020.306 or equivalent and AS.030.205 Meets with EN.580.641
Instructor(s): J. Green; K. Yarema
Area: Engineering.