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EN.601.107. Introductory Programming in Java. 3.0 Credits.

This course introduces fundamental structured and object-oriented programming concepts and techniques, using Java, and is intended for all who plan to use computer programming in their studies and careers. Topics covered include variables, arithmetic operators, control structures, arrays, functions, recursion, dynamic memory allocation, files, class usage and class writing. Program design and testing are also covered, in addition to more advanced object oriented concepts including inheritance and exceptions as time permits. First-time programmers are strongly advised to take EN.601.108 concurrently in Fall/Spring semesters.
Prerequisites: Students who have taken EN.600.111 may not register for EN.601.107.;Students who have taken EN.600.112 may not register for EN.601.107.
Instructor(s): J. Selinski
Area: Engineering.

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...or 5 4 Computer Science A EN.601.107 5 3 Macroeconomics AS.180.101...