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EN.601.220. Intermediate Programming. 4.0 Credits.

This course teaches intermediate to advanced programming, using C and C++. (Prior knowledge of these languages is not expected.) We will cover low-level programming techniques, as well as object-oriented class design, and the use of class libraries. Specific topics include pointers, dynamic memory allocation, polymorphism, overloading, inheritance, templates, collections, exceptions, and others as time permits. Students are expected to learn syntax and some language specific features independently. Course work involves significant programming projects in both languages. Prereq: AP CS, EN.601.107, EN.600.111, EN.600.112 or equivalent..
Prerequisites: EN.601.107 OR EN.580.200 OR EN.600.112
Instructor(s): R. Bhattacharya; S. More; Y. Amir
Area: Engineering.