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EN.661.315. Culture of the Engineering Profession. 3.0 Credits.

This course focuses on building understanding of the culture of engineering while preparing students to communicate effectively with the various audiences with whom engineers interact. Working from a base of contemporary science writing (monographs, non-fiction, popular literature and fiction), students will engage in discussion, argument, case study and project work to investigate: the engineering culture and challenges to that culture, the impacts of engineering solutions on society, the ethical guidelines for the profession, and the ways engineering information is conveyed to the range of audiences for whom the information is critical. Additionally, students will master many of the techniques critical to successful communication within the engineering culture through a series of short papers and presentations associated with analysis of the writings and cases. No audits. WSE juniors and seniors or by instructor approval.
Instructor(s): Staff
Area: Social and Behavioral Sciences
Writing Intensive.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

...the writing intensive requirements. The course EN.661.315 Culture of the Engineering Profession , is...