Veterans Educational Benefits

Johns Hopkins is approved by the Maryland Higher Education Commission for the training of veterans, service members, eligible spouses and dependents under the provisions of the various federal laws pertaining to veterans' educational benefits. Information about veterans' benefits and enrollment procedures may be obtained at or  the Office of the Registrar, 75 Garland Hall, 410-516-6635.

Initial Enrollment

Once admitted to the university, the student must complete an Application for Program of Education or Training (VA Form 22-1990) from the Department of Veteran Affairs. A copy of the Certificate of Eligibility, along with a copy of the DD-214, is sent to the Veterans Desk, Office of the Registrar, 75 Garland Hall, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland 21218. Additional delivery options can be found at

The student who is transferring from another university or college will need to obtain a Request for Change of Place of Training (VA Form 22-1995) from the Department of Veteran Affairs. The completed form should be submitted to the VA, and a copy sent to the Veterans Desk at the university.


Students who received veterans' benefits at the university the preceding semester and plan to enroll with no change of objective should inform the Veterans Desk,  at the time of registration that they want to be recertified under the provisions of their eligibility.

Students receiving veterans' benefits must take courses that lead toward the exact objective (usually a specific degree) on the original VA application. Otherwise, they must submit a Request for Change of Program (VA Form 22-1995). Students utilizing veterans' benefits must let the Veteran School Certifying Official know immediately of any change in their program or status that might affect the amount of their VA payment. If they fail to do so, the Department of Veterans Affairs will seek reimbursement from the student for any overpayment.

Standards of Progress

Continuation of VA payments depends on the student's meeting the university's academic standards for all students. The student must also meet any standards of progress which may be established by VA regulations.

Military TA

For guidance with utilizing Military tuition assistance please contact .

The College Navigator Tool 

Veteran students may go to the College Navigator to access a school comparision tool.